We refuse to fall into the trap of pushing cheap and nasty stuff onto people in order to chase the almighty dollar so we only sell stuff we have tested first. Before you buy anything read our humble appraisal of its good and bad points. If once you have bought anything you want to add your assessment then feel free to send us your comments, and as long as your willing to put your name to them we'll put them up here too.

If you have something you want us to sell on this site, get in touch and we'll check it out.


strangersurfboards.com Smack Attack T-shirts
We had these t-shirts made from good quality cotton and the retro surf design looks pretty cool. NOT MANY LEFT!

White Only, Costs $35 AUD each (includes postage).






Extra Large



Secrets of the Island is a 200 page, full colour, glossy production based around interviews with thirty-three of Tassie’s state champions, pioneers and other surfing legends - including Nick Stranger.
As Emily says, "Read about break discoveries, shark scares and memorable surfs and see epic never before published photos from the ‘50s to recent Shipstern slaughters".
The book also has a section on Shipstern Bluff, with brilliant photographs from Stuart Gibson and Andy Chisholm. You can check out some of Stuart and Andy's work on the Locations page.

Free sample
Click here to see the section on Nick

Costs $38.00 AUD (includes Postage).




Three Phase

Produced by Andrew Chisholm this is a great video of local spots with hot local surfers and the odd international star. Awesome footage of the infamous Shipstern Bluff. Check out some of the footage on the Locations page.

Available in PAL Video format only. Costs $35.00 AUD (includes Postage).




by Pictures of Health

This is a great debut CD from a couple of musicians that have been at it for awhile! Sixteen tracks with an R&B/laid back rock feel; a lot of fine slide guitar. The lyrics reflect their lives in a small coastal town in Tasmania's North East; fishing, surfing, drinking ... and women! They feature Joff on guitars and vocals, with Thin on percussion and drums, and a bunch of guests, including Pete Cornelius on Ovation guitar on one of the tracks.

The download sample is just the shortest track on the album. I couldn't choose one that represented the whole thing, but this will give you a feel for the style and quality.

Free Download
MP3 Format, 2:11 minutes, 3mb Download Here

You can buy the CD here online for $30AUD (includes shipping)




Free Download
'The Strangers'
by The Revtones.

This is the full version of this website's Flash intro track. It was written for us by the Revtones, a local band that has it's own very cool punked up retro 60s guitar sound. They aren't easy to catch but you can always find out where and when at Ultralux, in Criterion Street Hobart.

MP3 Format (192kbps), 4:16 minutes, 5.86mb Download Here

Now you can download the track with a Movie! Still Free!

The clip is a preview of a compilation Tony Fox is doing of Arturs Innis' work. It has footage from Boneyard, Remarable Caves, First Lookout Point, Shipstern Bluff ... Check it out.

QuikTime Format, 3.56mb Download Here


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