First check out the boards from the Range. Click on the different boards to get information about them. When you have found the board most like the one you want, click on 'Order and customise this board' at the bottom of the page;



We'll need your name and postal address of course. Then we want you to enter some details about yourself (eg. height, weight, experience) and the type of surf that you ride. This will help Nick make a board that best suits you.



The order form will have all the standard specs for the board you have chosen filled in for you. You can go through and make any changes you want, but take into account the recommended range of specs Nick suggests on the boards information page (you might want to print that out to guide you). Nick will get back to you if you have gone off the rails or the personal details you provide mean he wants to make some other suggestions.

When you are happy with your order, go to 'Order Summary'.



Here is where you make sure you have all of what you want and none of what you don't. This is also where all the finer points are listed in your order so you can see what costs what. You can go back and make changes from here if you want.

When you are happy with what you have ordered, go to the 'Shipping and Payment Details'.



We offer completely secure online orderring facilities via credit card. Please read our Security Policies. This is the part where the actual order happens. We will require $150 AUD deposit when you submit the order form - unless you are asking Nick to suggest a board for you; then you pay once you confirm the order. When the board is finished being shaped we will email you a couple of pictures. If you give us the go ahead we will email you some more when the board is finished. You will need to provide us with the rest of the payment before shipment of the board. If you change your mind within 14 days of placing the order (or longer if we haven't started making the board) we will refund your deposit. If at any stage after the board has been started you want to pull out of the deal we will keep the deposit to cover some of our costs (don't worry no one has ever wanted to pull out yet!).



Once you have placed your order, you will recieve confirmation from us via email (and any feedback Nick thinks he should give you). From there Nick will keep you involved with emails and photos of your board as it progresses. You can write notes to Nick and get direct answers from the guy that is actually making your board.

Once the board has been sent off, you will be able to track its shipping progress online as it makes its way right to your doorstep. Pretty cool huh?


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