Tasmania is an island State off the South Eastern tip of Australia. The surf here can be as good as anywhere; from the wild and powerful swells of the west coast - uninterrupted all the way to South Africa - to the refined swells of the East breaking at reefs, points and river mouths from one end of the coast to the other, and then there's the perfect points of Storm Bay. Clean waves can also be found at white sandy beaches all around the State; somewhere is always offshore.

But then the winter can be cold and many of the breaks are hard to find; some requiring 4WDs, boats, long walks, a good relationship with the local land owners, or all of the above! The weather is also very fickle and many breaks require a number of factors to come together in order to work properly. Even with local knowledge surfing here can be a very frustrating activity - without it you had better be lucky.

Check out some of these photos and video clips and see for yourself how good it can get. If you want to taste the surf here for yourself on your new Stranger custom then we can arrange to have your board ready for you when you arrive and we'll direct you to the best surf available for as long as your visit lasts. If we can get away we might even come for a wave with you.


It's all about the location
Storm Bay Point Break Shipstern Bluff Southern Beach Break Southern Beach Break
Storm Bay Point Break Storm Bay Point Break Cremorne Storm Bay Point
Storm Bay Point Break Storm Bay Point Shipstern Bluff Shipstern Bluff
Storm Bay Beach Break Wild West Point handspike Eaglehawk Neck
A Remarkable Cave Southern Point West Coast lineup Shipstern Bluff
Western Mountain Eaglehawk Reef Southern Point West Coast Harbour
Wild West Shipstern Bluff Shipstern Bluff Remarkable Caves
Storm Bay Eaglehawk Reef Shipstern Bluff Shipstern Bluff
Dave's Place Shipstern Bluff The Yard The Yard

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Check out the Tourism Tasmania site for more information about getting here and what's available. With almost two-thirds of land protected in wilderness reserves, National Parks and World heritage Areas, Tasmania is one of the most unspoilt places on earth.

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