Welcome I'm Mark Stranger and I'm going to be running this website while my brother Nick - guru of foam & fine lines - concentrates on making the surfboards. If you cruise around the site for awhile you'll be able to find out about us and where we come from - just so that you know who you are dealing with. Also you can check out the surf in Tasmania and maybe plan a surf trip here. We can even arrange a package deal that includes a custom board waiting for you and a guided surfari to the best surf and other goodies this island State has to offer. Ask us about it.

Most of all, this site is about letting you order a custom surfboard from one of the best craftsmen in the business, and have as much input into the process and feedback from Nick as if you were standing in the shaping bay with him. You can do that right now online. Have a go at it even if you don't put in the order; it's a great way to learn about board design. If you do place the order you will be able to see your board progress through the different stages of production, and have an opportunity to comment and make adjustments, then track it on its way to your door anywhere in the world.

You can visit the stuff page to download some cool things and have a look at some of the gear we are flogging. Read our assessment of it, along with the feedback we've been getting from our customers.

This is a site where you can customise and order a board, not just a bloody advertisement!

To check out Surfboard Options & Prices:
• Go to the Range page and click on the type of board you want.
• Then take the Check out options and prices link and play around with the options.
• Then click on Get a Quote for a cost breakdown.
• When you are happy with the order click on the Next Step link and give us some details so that we can tell you how long it will take, freight cost and confirm a total price.

You can email or phone us at any stage if you have a question.

Dec10 - Switch-Foot II
Feb 23 - Kurungubaa!
July 15 - Tassie Devil
May 24 - Big Swell Shots
Apr 17 - Busted Bicep

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